Piano Lessons in Woodland-Hills, CA
Nicolas Kaviani

Woodland Hills, CA 91364
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What I Teach
Instruments Piano
Style Classical
Levels Beginner , Intermediate , Advanced
Where I Teach At teacher's studio and at student's home
Ages Taught 5-100
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Lesson Length

At teacher’s studio
At student’s home
Additional Tuition Info First free trial lesson for all new students!!!
About Me
Education Conservatoire d'Avignon, France -M.A., Music Compostion; U.C.S.C. - B.A., Music Composition
About Me Nicolas trained at the conservatory d'Avigon in France and has an exclusively classical training and background, with over 10 years of experience teaching piano and music compostion/theory/history. Nicolas is currently offering piano, classical guitar, harpsichord and music theory/composition lessons for students of all levels. Artist statement: "As an instructor I understand the different needs of my various students and always insisit on adapting a unique and personalized system that will help them learn in the fastest and most fun way possible. Very adept in working with children as well as adults, I realize that especially for beginners, learning an instrument can be a challange but I thrive on sharing my passion for music with others in hope that it will help kindle a life-long love as well. Thanks for reading this and I hope to see you at your first free lesson!!!" listen here: www.soundcloud.com/kaviani/sets
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