Piano Lessons in Pacific-Grove, CA
James Woolwine
1140 Monarch Lane
Pacific Grove, CA 93950
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What I Teach
Instruments Piano , Songwriting , Music theory , Music performance , Guitar
Style Other , Jazz , Rock , Classical
Levels Beginner , Intermediate , Advanced
Where I Teach At teacher's studio and at student's home
Ages Taught all ages
Tuition Rates

Lesson Length

At teacher’s studio
At student’s home
Additional Tuition Info My rates for lessons in a student's home will vary depending on the driving time required. I'm happy to offer a free introductory lesson. Regular students will pay tuition monthly. I allow cancellations/rescheduling with at least one day's notice. Same-day cancellations are forfeited without credit.
About Me
Education I graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2004 with dual degrees in Performance and Music Business.
About Me I am an experienced private teacher on piano and guitar. (Although this website lists piano as my primary instrument, I am equally skilled on guitar). I began playing Classical piano at the age of 7, and was winning competitions by my senior year of high school. I also started playing guitar as a teenager, and decided to study that in college. I graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2004 with dual degrees in Performance and Music Business. Since then I have been an active professional musician and private teacher. I enjoy sharing my passion for music with students. My philosophy is to help students learns the music they want, while instilling the fundamentals they need; with patience and enthusiasm.
My grandson is very excited about going to his piano lessons. He is even more excited about doing his piano homework. James takes the time to explain what is needed. He works at the child's level.
-Maura Leos, Accord, MA
Hi everyone! I've been taking lessons with mister Woolwine since September 2012. He is a great teacher and I am learning so much and becoming better at piano. I'm improving my skills with every lesson and I will continue taking lessons with James and I recommend you all to chose this teacher, to achieve success in piano :)
-Sofia Bubnova, Monterey, MA
I have really enjoyed my guitar lessons with James. He is clear and concise in his teaching and very patient too. I would recommend him highly.
-E Crockett, Monterey, MA
James Woolwine is a excellent and thoughtful teacher. My daughter started learning piano with him when she was 6 yrs. He was her teacher for 2 years during which I saw my daughter learn a lot and also appreciate music specifically relating to piano. She enjoyed her classes with him even through summer vacation. James was able to keep her interested and motivated in piano and was always patient with her. She enjoys piano thanks to his introducing her to piano. She is still learning piano but from another teacher and remembers James as a wonderful teacher. We highly recommend James' teaching abilities and music knowledge.
-G Srinivasan, Melrose, MA
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Listen to Me
This is called "Ivory Dance", one of my original compositions.
Watch Me
This is a short experiment in looping, and then a guitar solo.
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