Piano Lessons in Sun-City-West, AZ
Bette Franke
12902 W. Desert Glen Drive
Sun City West, AZ 85375
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What I Teach
Instruments Piano
Style Classical , Jazz
Levels Beginner , Intermediate , Advanced
Where I Teach At teacher's studio only
Ages Taught 5-80
Tuition Rates

Lesson Length

At teacher’s studio
At student’s home
Additional Tuition Info I offer the first interview/lesson free of charge, and always have.
About Me
Education Certified with MTNA; Applied Piano at various colleges; Music Theory I and II; Form and Analysis; Music History; Modal Counterpoint, The Kodaly Method. One year of majoring in organ.
About Me I am certified with Music Teachers National Association. I teach both children and adults, having taught for approximately 20 years. I strongly emphasize how to practice so that students know how to optimize their time. Music theory is also one of my goals. My monthly charges are reasonable.
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